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  • access to a wide range of teaching resources to assist you with the planning and delivery of your classes or workshops.
  • expanded teaching themes you can develop and modify.
  • teaching tips, tools and inspirations to fire up your creativity.
  • reflections and enquiries around ‘being a teacher’ to provoke thought.
  • guidance in planning your retreat or yoga holiday based upon my experience of running more than 20 retreats
  • new information added on a regular basis. As a working teacher I am continually expanding my learning and sharing this with you.


julie-robinsonHello to all my fellow yoga teachers and thanks for looking at my site. This site has been a long time in creation and came into being as a result of my many years as a yoga student and ten, so far, as a yoga teacher.

Put simply, yoga has been a very big part of my life for a long time now. I have a thirst for knowledge and yoga has led me down many interesting paths of discovery. My interest lies in the creativity of yoga and ways in which I can pass the many and varied teachings of yoga, beyond the asana, to my students. I would also like to share some of what I have discovered with my fellow teachers. Along my path, as a teacher trainee, new teacher and experienced established teacher, I have faced the challenges and pitfalls every teacher faces.

I understand how, whether you teach one or twenty classes a week, finding an interesting angle or expressive form to share your teachings to your students takes a lot of time, creativity and dedication. To refresh your teaching you need to continuously learn and develop as a teacher. I hope Yoga All Over can help you with this.

Join me as I continue to explore, teach, learn, develop and share all things yoga.

To read more about me see www.yogalighthouse.co.uk